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09-25-03, 03:58 AM
Does anyone know if a Vet can use their cert to purchase home out of state? Does it matter where you buy as long as it is in the U.S.? Can you use it to purchase an investment property....ie small (4 unit) apt complex?

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09-25-03, 05:42 AM
VA Certificate loans are for "owner-occupied" properties only, NOT investment properties.

At one time, it was possible to buy a duplex or a fourplex, IF you were going to live in one of the units. I'm not sure what the regulations are now.

09-25-03, 06:23 AM
Thanks much, I'll look into it. I'm curious if I can use it as my primary residence and my current residence as my secondary as I travel back and forth

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10-09-03, 06:32 PM
Must be your Primary residence...and can be used anywhere in the
USA....Duplex,fourplex...as long as you live in it...do not say anything about a primary or secondary residence...