View Full Version : Looking back

08-20-10, 10:37 AM
In my life time i've seen this country change from something
I knew, to something I now barely recognize. And I now
wonder just when this all happened? Or is this just something
that happens to those of us as the years slowly creep by, in
other words old age. As I now look back I wonder, was I not
paying attendtion? Absorbed in living my life with my problems
and not seeing anything else that was happening in the world
around me. When did a simple white cross, mean more then just a
simple white cross? When did a list of things your parents had
to buy school supplies come about?
When did a school fist fights turn into school fire fights?
When did getting paid not to work become more important
then work? When did a Chirstmas tree become a symbol for the
separation of church & state? When did dying with Honor become
a spectacle of Dishonor?
When did boundaries become anything goes? And when did your word
and a hand shake stop meaning anything anymore?
And yea, I no that bad things happened in the days when I grow up
long before most of you were born. I know that because I lived it.
But it was a different time, and things seemed simpler then.
When did disagreeing with someones point of view become an
exercise in character assassinate? When did foul language become
excepted speech? When did God become a second class citizen?
OK, enough said.