View Full Version : Using TriCare for non-emergency

Potato Salad
08-16-10, 08:37 PM
Good Evening Marines,
First off, my eyesight is absolute crap.
I'm on leave from MOS school now and was planning on getting a new pair of glasses at a civilian store.

Back when I was still in MOS school, one of my classmates was able to get a new pair of glasses from medical, but he didn't need it. Since that was at on-base medical I was wondering if TriCare would cover the cost of a new pair of frames and a possible exam at an off-base, civilian store. It's not absolutely necessary for me to get new glasses now, but it would help me a lot, especially with recognizing rockers at a distance when I report to Miramar. I want to make a good first impression and calling a MSgt. a SSgt. is the last thing I need.

08-17-10, 07:11 PM
Where are the glasses you were issued at MCRD ? Do you have everything else you were issued?