View Full Version : For those Admin clerks out there

08-14-10, 07:14 PM
I'm currently designing, and am in fact almost done with, an Access 2003 database meant to replace the horrible, awful TEEP Excel spreadsheets currently used in our battalion for personnel and training management.

Current features include:
Roster system with information ranging from personal (phone, DOB, NOK, etc) to training-related (PFT, PTP completion, etc).
Calendar system capable of actually looking like a real calendar, with easily definable events by start and end date, with the ability to assign Marines to each event.
Dynamically generated and printable reports based on scheduled events and the Marines assigned to them, making it easy to design and distribute a training program.
Kill sheets
Commonly-requested features for Admin types, like the ability to show what percentage of Marines are PTP complete, have a 1st class PFT, etc.

I work in 1st RadBn on Pendleton, so if anybody on base here would like a copy of the database for their shop, drop me a line here and I'll make it happen.

08-15-10, 07:46 AM
Make sure you get with your G-6 and submit a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) to HQMC before you roll-out the program.