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09-21-03, 04:53 AM
By Grant Swank on 09/20/03
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United States President George W. Bush will be re-elected. It is a given.

President Bush is the only world leader who's begun an all-out war against global terrorism. That's been the underlying thesis of his speeches regarding America’s place in the community of nations.

Therefore, no matter the economy, health issues, education and so forth, terrorism will be the major issue. It has to be; not that the free world desires it but because militants are intent on killing themselves and all others. That’s the prevalent evil presence on this Earth. It's not temporary. It's not sporadic. It's not confined to one area.

President Bush has defined the planetary situation as it really is. Others have waffled to prior decades when the world was more secure, when global tremors were not all-consuming. But those others will gradually be silenced by reality itself.

President Bush has not compromised his analysis of present-tense. He can’t. It is how he sizes up the state of things. His team members are on that same page.

Consequently, because President Bush and Company have grounded themselves in the truth of what is, American public will come to grapple with this variable so as to re-elect the man who saw the light long before many, many others.

As months unfold President Bush will continue being seasoned in his logic, proving his message to be nothing other than stark realism. The nation then will support his leadership by re-electing him.

The risk to do otherwise will be to tolerate another leadership more compromising, less conclusive, more given to blurred than clear thinking. That risk could doom the nation and world.

Already we see other nations lining up behind President’s Bush appraisal. Other nations are coming to realize what Mr. Bush has reiterated, that is, that if freedom-based nations do not extinguish terrorists in a major on-going thrust, every free country will be taken captive by death-to-the-world militants who themselves cherish death more than life.

France is coming into this awareness. So is Germany. Australia has already got hold of the truth, as have others in the US-led coalition. Britain has been at the forefront of the reality appraisal. United Nations leadership just this week stepped forward to call the world to reckon with crucial dangers facing every continent, even person, every governmental leader.

No longer can one maintain a parochial stance. No longer can one stand on the sidelines.

There must be the cosmopolitan mindset that is concerned about everywhere for everywhere is here, not just there. There must be a realization that since there are no sidelines all of us are in the very center of whatever happens from this day forward.

For this reason alone, United States voters will re-elected George W. Bush as President for it is in his bedrock assurance that the nation finds it greatest security for dealing with the world’s mega-threat.


09-21-03, 06:48 AM
He forgot to point out that the current stable of Democrats couldn't find their keisters with GPS!

The only Dem with the stones to ask the tough questions is NY Times' Maureen Dowd. Unfortunately the way she presents it comes across like whimsical gossip. :(