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07-29-10, 06:00 PM

I tried posting this on the "Ask a Marine" Forum but they wouldn't let me.

I would like to become a Recon Marine, and came across this link


from a 2000-2001 publishing, it mentions that you go to Basic Reconnaissance Course, Diver School, Army Airborne School, SERE School required for all members and then some schools that one per platoon or team or team leaders above must complete. So I thought that this seemed like a lot of thorough training.

This link,


from 2009, it said well you go to Basic Recon School, and then you go to your unit.

So I am curious as to what training you undergo after SOI this day in age...was the special schooling subsidized to more quickly produce troops for OEF, OIF?

Any one here graduated BRC recently? This year or last?


07-29-10, 06:08 PM
Ok a few things... Yes you did post in the wrong forum. Just think about how 2000 was before 9-11. And not many recon Marines have the time to post on these forums. I've read I don't know how many threads on being recon. Research and I am sure your answers will appear.

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