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It’s time for real change! Change that will come from the hands of people like you. For too long we have sat silently in the shadows as our elected officials have driven the rode of their own agendas. The sad fact is that our Government has spent the taxes that future generations to come, have yet to pay. They have blindly written checks from the American peoples check book for such things as:

• $2.9 million for shrimp aquaculture research — It tastes good when dipped in cocktail sauce; what's the mystery?
• $2.5 million for potato research — Is this to better understand our food, so that we can relate to it before swallowing it?
• $206,000 for wool research — Let me help: it's hot and itchy
• $200,000 for lobster research — Tastes good with hot butter: done!
• $7 million for the Robert C. Byrd Institute of Advanced Flexible Manufacturing Systems — What?
• $500,000 for exhibits at the Czech and Slovak Museum and Library in Cedar Rapids — What about the Serb, Croatian and Albanian exhibits? Don't we care about them?
• $250,000 for the “I Won't Cheat Foundation” in Salt Lake City for an anti-steroids education program and awareness campaign — Because parents can't handle educating their kids about steroids?
(Citizens Against Government Waste)

They have written checks without a care in the world for what the American people want and after the silent majority has risen, they continue with the spending.
What our government needs to understand that this is not about Republican and Democrat… This is about the people! This is about government working for us, not for themselves and not for third party agendas.

Armed Forces Tea Party has not united against President Barack Obama, but against the policies and agendas that have come from his office, the House and Senate. The President has power and control in both the House and the Senate. He has the power to listen to the people and represent us by fixing the problems that got us to this point. Instead, he has done nothing but add to the budget — no subtracting whatsoever. He's added a trillion dollar health bill, nearly a trillion dollar stimulus package and massive tax increases. He flirts with the idea of Immigration Amnesty, which would be a blow to the face of immigrants everywhere that waited years to become Americans the legal way.

These men and women are supposed to represent the people, but have become more transfixed on personal agendas. They have forgotten were they came from, forgotten what this country was based on, and in November we will forget them.

The next Revolution has begun. This November, history will repeat itself as the American people, once again, unite to fight for their freedom. This time we will be fighting on a new battlefield without blood shed, but the result will be the same. November 2nd, 2010, at the voting polls, WE THE PEOPLE will once again take back our freedom from the clutches of self serving government by casting our votes for conservative candidates in the November election.

Our majority will no longer be silenced. We will be heard. The Armed Forces Tea Party and the Tea Party movement is here to stay. We will show the everyday men and women we have the power for “Change,” real change. And that change cannot come from the hands of one man, but from the actions of millions. We are of all different descent and background, we are of all skin colors and religions, we come from all walks of life, the rich, the poor, and everything in between, but above all we are Americans.

Armed Forces Tea Party

***Any views expressed in this group are not endorsed or shared by the Military or the DOD.

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Rocky C
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So Give us the Real SitRep Gary............... <br />
<br />
Is the Armed Forces Tea Party Patriots no more? <br />
<br />
The group's organizer, Gary Stein, yesterday took down the Facebook page through which over 400...

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$2.9 million for shrimp aquaculture research?

How many billions so far for Iraq?

How many billions so far for AStan?


Over a TRILLION Dollars and counting for both of these mistakes.

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This should be interesting.

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i warned him about posting here he dont listen to me lol.