View Full Version : What is going on in our world?

09-16-03, 04:04 PM
:( I listen to the news. All so negative. Not one shred of anything to bring joy to the heart, mind, soul, of us Americans. The courts, lawyers, seem to be running our land. What ever happened to the "LAND OF THE FREE?" Illegal people coming into our country. Illegal aliens prevail throughout our great land. Unless we as Americans put a stop to this onslaught of anyone can come, our nation will never be free. Of fear, susicion, doubt, hopelessness, for any reason imaginable.
Liberal/conservative. What the hell is that? Where did it come from? Why do we have to put labels on everything damn thing that comes along?
What happened to the original constitution?
Our elected officials, from the village/town, city, state, federal levels all have their own agenda. What ever happened to, "for the people by the people?" How many don't take time to vote?
How many don't take time to write to their rep.'s?
Greed!!!! While millions struggle each day to survive like some wolf on the Alaskan Tundra, the big wheels get their 6digit salaries. The jobs lost to once enemies that we defeated then taught them. It's a blatant outright disgrace.
What is the hidden agenda that seems to be never said? Why do we wait let it happen and then do something?
I'm sick 'n tired as a Veteran, an American/native American, of these "pinheads" who think we're so stupid that we don't know what's goin' on?
Fight for freedom. No, fight for oil, and freedom.
The largest deposit of natural gas found in Texas. The largest deposit's of buried oil in Alaska, other Federal lands. And we can't get it because of some wacko enviromentalist? Or some elected Washington PinHead who says, "It's not worth the effort, it's got about ????% and what do you mean? You'd rather have us continually depend on an enemy/friend??, to run the world? Every enemy we have fought in foreign lands we the USA has helped. What have they done for us? Our banks, motels/hotels, industries owned by the very ones we defeated, and now by the power of greed, money, other, thumb their noses at us?
The U.N.? What on Gods' green earth are they worth? What do they do? What real purpose do they serve?
I support our men/women who are made to fight for another country's freedom. I believe and support for those who are oppressed by whomever, that they can somehow be free.
But, AMERICANS should come first damn it. For once I'd love to see, no foreign policy. But an AMERICAN HOME LAND POLICY that provides jobs, helps the poor, helps the Veteran's, helps each other.
I was taught by a great man....my Father, God rest his soul. "IF YOU'RE GONNA DO SOMETHING, DO IT RIGHT, OR DON'T DO IT AT ALL." What say you?