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09-16-03, 03:36 PM
:marine: By Big Eagle 6.....
As I walk the sun rays portraying smoke rising between the trees a yellow golden glow.
A small deer eating the fruits of the trees
A squirrel flicking it's tail forward and back as he sits staring at the intruder from a branch.
At the waters edge a beaver slowly disappears beneath the crystal blue waters depth
A fish ripples the water and claps the weedy muddy edge of the shoreline.
I begin to feel the life of the forest all around me and how free it is and what no man has ever experienced as a city dweller
I walk deeper into the darkened maze and feel the eyes of all Gods' creation upon me. Pushing me with an intense non physical touch of rapture, suspense, suspicion as an alien entering the forbidden land of some biblical time and place.
As I rest upon a tree stump I begin to realize how all things are born and destined to die.
Walking as did the Indian man not a noise is heard from beneath his feet.
Entering into a clearing where nothing grows as if leaving and entering another time zone.
Each year new life begins a struggle for survival as the strong prevail and the weak who supply them with the very means of existence.
For all there is a reason however not told by the speechless characters as the continue on.
Never asking for a helping hand for food and water are provided by a supreme hand.
Life in all its wonders, defeats, accomplishments, happiness, sadness, can be taught and learned in the natural surroundings of the forest as each day comes and goes. Copyright 1988 Library Congress.