View Full Version : Happy Fathers Day to my Brother's n Sister's accross the pond!!

06-19-10, 07:50 PM
Happy Fathers Day!!!! I spent so many years with holidays etc away from home. Now, being retired its no different, lol. SepT, now I have a "REAL" wife instead a one a those West Pac Widow's. SHE REALLY TRIES TO UNDERSTAND THE ptsd ETC LIVING WITH A wARRIOr. I just checked yahoo mail n came to visit the Jar Heads!! I'm still in P.I. health still the same but our chickens are growing to be ultra warriors.. Have a red n gold line I call devil Dogs... Hope alls well God Bless You All


JB Stark

06-21-10, 11:16 AM
Thanks for your wishes JB; hope you also had a good day; me? I spent the day returning from DC having watched the parade at 1801 barracks; piccies to follow.