View Full Version : Man Pinned By NYC Subway Train (VIDEOS)

06-19-10, 09:20 AM
More people will be heeding those "Don't Run" signs in the subway after seeing this video.

Around midnight Wednesday an allegedly inebriated passenger slipped between the subway platform and a D train as it was pulling into the Grand Street Station.

The unidentified man had his leg pinned and twisted before the train could come to a stop.

One passenger described the nightmarish scene to the Huffington Post:
People walking out of the train saw the pinned man immediately to the left of the subway car I was riding in. Within thirty seconds a crowd had formed, both inside and outside of the car the man was trapped by, and every other person whipped out their cellphones and started taking pictures and video while the guy writhed around.

The injuries looked far worse at the time than they turned out to be, and the impact was strong enough to knock me out of my seat on the train. A woman started yelling at the crowd to put their camera away because of how garish the scene was, and a few people snapped out of it and slinked away, but most did not, and more people came up and jockeyed for position around the injured man every second. People were lined up the stairs for a better viewing angle.

WPIX and ABC 7 both obtained cell phone footage of the incident from another passenger.

The man was eventually freed and taken to Bellevue Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.