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06-18-10, 12:58 AM
Hello, everyone!
Do you want a Ship Directory? Here is BLM-Shipping Ship Directory, which contains over 20,000 vessels all over the world, carefully collected and categorized into general information, specifications, capacity, certification, and other details. With this directory you will be able to search for a specific vessel by name, IMO or call sign, the entire vessel details are all available to you, and the related company profiles such as owner, manager, and builder will be displayed automatically. More exciting, you can chat on-line with the contact persons directly!
What can you do with this Ship Directory?
1. Query Vessel specifics
By inputting vessel identifier such as name, IMO, or call sign, you will be able to access the entire details of this vessel. These details are organized into 5 different dialogs. They are base information, general information, specifications, capacity, certification and other details.
2. Obtain vessel contact details
The vessel contact details are displayed automatically. Include Call Sign, Marine satellite telex, Marine satellite telephone, Marine satellite fax, and MMSI.
3. Track vessel movements
It is no longer a tough job to track vessel movements. Just by clicking the “AIS tracking” button on this ship directory, we can tell you the historical navigation of your vessel, and draw the real-time status including course, speed or mooring on the e-map.
4. Retrieve related companies
The related companies are classified by owner, builder and manager. Here, you can browse the comprehensive information about the company which you are interested in. these are telephone number, fax, email, address, and company introduction.
5. Chat on-line with contact persons
There is a contact person list for each related companies. You can learn their names, positions, mobiles, telephones, faxes, e-mails etc. here. And more exciting, you can even chat with them on-line to interact on business topics.

Do you think it is useful? This Ship Directory is integrated in professional shipping software BLM-Shipping. Download BLM-Shipping and install, Free register a user ID to login, then you can access this ship directory for free and look up what you need at no cost!

Download link:
http://shipping.boloomo.com/common/download.action (http://shipping.boloomo.com/common/download.action)