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09-11-03, 10:37 AM
:banana: :marine: Hey big Topper. I read your list of things to do, etc. I enjoyed them. If I may, I'd like to add to your list.
1. Never be afraid of good values, be afraid when values aren't good
2. Stay 'n tune with yourself
3. Never promise or say what you can't expect from someone else
4. Back up every word you say.
5. Be a new learned person everyday
6. Never carry a grudge
7. Never let the past deal your life
8. Look for the good in all things
9. Fullfill your life w/earned respect
10. Don't be an old dog with new tricks, be a dog with no tricks
11. You can't fix stupid
12. Don't try to be God, let him do that
13. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow may never be
14. Live for today
15. Live in Harmony
16. Live life to the fullest
17. Keep your word no matter how it effects the outcome, and outcome, comes from words
18. For nobody knows the future
19. Make my day, but, don't use it all at one time
20. Before you don't give in, remove it from the end
21. If you don't have nothing useful, rewarding, comfortable, loving, to say, stick your head in some ice, it reduces the swelling
22. respect another's ways, adapt, improvise, overcome
23. Cheat no one. Know the cheats
24. Never say never, ever say ever
25. lookin' back you may fall on your face. Lookin' forward your 6 gets it done
26. Learn to be humble
27. Eat crow, even deep fried
28. What's the use?>>>You're dead
29. Never outrun your lights
30. courtesy, respect, discipline yourself to these
31. Love above all
32. No love, No life. Know love, Know life
33. Cherish memories
34. Don't bury your feelings
35. Keep an open ear, mouth shut...if you're yappin' how to do you expect to learn?
36. Where in the hell is E.Z. street?
37. pieces of puzzles get lost from puzzles, puzzles aren't complete without all the pieces
38. there is no such thing as "I can't"/"impossible."
39. Nobody is stoppin' you but you
40. You never get back what you put in life. You get back what isn't put in your life.
41. Never cast the first stone, unless your distance is beyond a stones throw
42. Don't put your nose/ear to the grind stone, it may rub off
43. Never bite the bullet, it may go off
44. Lower yourself to humbleness or be lowered by the humble
45. Loves comes from unselfishness
46. Why can't you stay where you're at and always try to get to the head of the line
47. Cheating causes more
48. Lieing is not facing the truth
49. They pay you cash which is just like money
50. Learn to say, "I'M SORRY!!"

I had a big day of thought.

09-11-03, 11:57 AM
I am humbled.

I am speechless. (Which for me, after six minutes is a world's record.)

I .............

09-11-03, 12:48 PM
Nah,,,,,Hey firstsgtmike, Please don'tbe.....I just really enjoyed your's, and just wanted to add to the great ones of yours. But I thank ya. eagle 6