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Dodd got ran out of the Senate because of a lot of ethics issues. Blumenthal is running for Dodd's seat and looks like he will win, but then the NYT ran a story that he has claimed Vietnam service. It looks like he was a Marine reserve during the war and never went to Vietnam.

Also, it is claimed he was at Parris Island for 6 months. ("Unlike many of his peers, Dick Blumenthal voluntarily joined the Marine Corps Reserves in 1970 and served for six months in Parris Island, S.C.. and six years in the reserves," she said.)

Could you be at Parris Island for 6 months back then for boot? Did they do PCP and MRP back then? Maybe held back a lot (did they do that then?)?

Updated May 18, 2010
Connecticut's Blumenthal Confronted With False Claims of Vietnam War Service


Attorney General Richard Blumenthal is shown at a Democratic debate at the Lincoln Theater on the University of Hartford campus in West Hartford, Conn., March 1. (AP Photo)
Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal is fighting back against a New York Times report that says he falsely stated his military service in Vietnam, saying the newspaper has created an "outrageous distortion" of his comments.

Blumenthal, a Democrat, is in a battle for the U.S. Senate seat held by retiring Sen. Chris Dodd. Linda McMahon of World Wrestling Entertainment fame and former Rep. Rob Simmons are competing for the Republican nomination both campaigns called the allegations in the Times report troubling.

The newspaper reported that on several occasions, Blumenthal has referred to his service in Vietnam though he never actually served there.

"We have learned something important since the days I served in Vietnam," Blumenthal, a Democrat, told a veterans group in March 2008, the Times reported.

But the Times found that Blumenthal received five deferments from 1965 to 1970 while studying at Harvard and pursuing other educational and career opportunities. He finally landed a spot in the Marine Reserve that nearly guaranteed him that he wouldn't be sent to the war zone.


Senate Hopeful Under FireConn. AG's military service questioned
Mindy Myers, Blumenthal's campaign manager, in a statement released Tuesday, said that Blumenthal "received no special treatment from anyone" and defended his service.

"Unlike many of his peers, Dick Blumenthal voluntarily joined the Marine Corps Reserves in 1970 and served for six months in Parris Island, S.C.. and six years in the reserves," she said.

"The New York Times story is an outrageous distortion of Dick Blumenthal's record of service," she said.

Blumenthal has acknowledged that he may have misspoken about his military service and said his intention "has always been to be completely clear and accurate and straightforward."

The Times reported that Blumenthal has on several occasions left the impression that he served in Vietnam. At a 2003 rally, Blumenthal reportedly told military families gathering to show support for U.S. troops that, "When we returned, we saw nothing like this."

In 2008, he talked about his service during the "Vietnam era" and said he remembered "the taunts, the insults, sometimes even the physical abuse."

A number of local newspapers in Connecticut have claimed, incorrectly, that Blumenthal served in Vietnam. According to the Times report, Blumenthal did not appear to make an effort to correct those reports.

McMahon spokesman Ed Patru said the article "has raised a litany of very troubling questions, and they are questions that cannot be dismissed or easily answered."

Simmons said in a written statement that while he respects Blumenthal for serving, "I am deeply troubled by allegations that he has misrepresented his service."

He called on Blumenthal to "forthrightly" address the matter. The state attorney general plans to hold a news conference Tuesday afternoon.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee said the newspaper report makes it imperative the attorney general come clean.

"Mr. Blumenthal owes the people of Connecticut, and particularly its veterans, a thorough explanation for the very serious questions that have been raised over what appears to be a long history of dishonest statements. If you can't trust him to tell the truth about whether or not he served in Vietnam, you have (to) wonder what exactly can you trust about Richard Blumenthal," said NRSC Communications Director Brian Walsh.

Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Communications Director Eric Schultz said McMahon is in no position to swing at Blumenthal.

"It's no surprise Republicans would want to smear Dick Blumenthal, considering all of the debauchery at the WWF under Linda McMahon's watch," Schultz said.

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6 months at PI.....injury?

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Thanks, ameriken. I missed those.

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Thanks, ameriken. I missed those.
LOL, no problem.....someone just started a 4th thread on this in the political forum. Hot issue. :D

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He also was a SGT in 6 years. Is that possible w/o combat?

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The articles claim he started rich and was placed in a unit for the sons of the powerful to allow them to avoid combat. I would expect that promotions there were automatic.

Besides, in the DC unit he was clerking for a Supreme Court Justice. It would take a very strong willed and very ethical commander to not curry favor with a man so much on the rise.

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Before we all acuse him of lying, let's rememebr that he didn't lie, he just "misspoke". That's double-speak for politicians lying.

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He also was a SGT in 6 years. Is that possible w/o combat?

It's possible. My uncle was a Sergeant with the Army LRRP before deploying to Viet Nam due to his education level and work experience.

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[quote=GT6238;645758]6 months at PI.....injury?[/quote
I doubt it,sounds like the fat body platoons
Had a guy in my platoon who was a PI 6 months before he got his weight down and graduated.
Poor bastard

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Sorry.....the link did not take

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We should put this guy in a room with "THE DRIFTER". She'll nail you just for posting in the wrong place. What do you think she could do this @#%$ Bird? LOL.:scared:

I bet she could screen these "posers" far better than the Army!!!

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who cares about snail tracks anyway, good luck to the guy !!!!

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Hey, How's his claim with the VA comming along ??? Service related PTSD , due to combat stress collecting toys for tots @ Christmas

Old Marine
05-21-10, 03:49 PM
Hey, How's his claim with the VA comming along ??? Service related PTSD , due to combat stress collecting toys for tots @ Christmas

From your post I gather that you have never collected toys for the program.:evilgrin:

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Isn't there a Law about misrepresenting your military service. I'm happy just saying what I actually did in Nam and else where that I served when I was in the Corps. Most of the time I was a ****bird.