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il duce
05-12-10, 09:28 PM
...but I enjoy talking with the poolees at the local recruiting station and keeping them motivated so here it goes

After a somewhat decent career as a Realtor, our local real estate market collapsed and I wasnt able to provide for my wife and daughter. I was born on Nov 10 and had always talked aloud about enlisting so my wife finally gave the go ahead.
Two days before shipping off to MCRD, my grandmother that had practically raised me died... on black friday at Boot Camp, I learned my wife had miscarried our second daughter. They gave me the option of returning home and our Senior DI allowed me to use his cellphone to call my wife. She essentially told me she was ok and she wanted me to finish on time.
Boot wasnt bad... more like hell on earth but I managed to graduate a platoon Honorman (meritorious PFC) and continue on to ITB. I made a ton of friends, including one of my DIs who has family from the same part of TX Im from.
ITB was better and I managed to pull Company Honorman and win the Paul E. Ison award (meritorious LCpl)
Ive been with my Reserve unit a few months and have been promoted to fire team leader. Ive continued my "lead by example" philosophy and have the cutting score to make Cpl if Im lucky. My Plt Sgt has helped me fill out an application for the Meritorious Commissioning Program so we should find out whether or not Im officer material soon.

My wife is good and we are expecting another daughter in August! Becoming a Marine is the best decision Ive ever made and I feel Im a better man, husband, and father because of the Corps.

Did I mention Im about to turn 30 and needed an age waiver to enlist?

Semper Fi

doc h fmf
05-13-10, 08:23 PM
Godbless You My Brother,your A Real Inspiration.

Semper Fi My Brother And Goodluck In Your Future Endevers.

Stephen Doc Hansen Hm3 Fmf