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08-16-02, 07:33 PM
GySgt soon to retire looking for Graduation book of PLT 319, May 16, 1964 Parris Island. This retreads book disposed of by ex. and would like to pass it on to my son, now a L/Cpl with PMO, Miramar. Will pay. Semper Fi, Gunny out.:banana:

08-17-02, 12:06 AM
Good Luck Gunny and you may have some luck on this site since
we seem to have alot of the more mature Marines here...LOL!

Luv my Big Old fartie Brothers ....MUAH!! :D

08-17-02, 10:51 AM
Thanks LadyLeatherneck, but keep in mind that this (mature) old fartie is still in the mix for another year. I am the proverbial Gunny Highway from Weapons Company, Austin, Texas. Still do the PFT, still fire expert and ride a Harley. So, you never know, careful LL and keep the rounds going downrange all in the black.
I'm here for all Marines, Semper Fi. Gunny out.:D

08-17-02, 12:50 PM
Guess the Gunny told you, huh, CORPORAL! ( izzat even how you spell corporal, this "old fart" can't remember! LOL )

Gunny, I'll take a look on-line for ya after a bit. See what I can come up with, if anything. Had two copies of my boot book. lost the firat one to the first wife, lost the second due to the present Ol Lady. Long stories. We ain't going there. Do what I can for ya Gunny. Semper Fidelis, Marine.

08-17-02, 01:11 PM
Didn't mean to sound too harsh but you know how it is.. Had a twelve year break in service..came back in '82 and still here sending rounds downrange.. hate ass..u...mptions. Lady Leatherneck probably meant her statement with LOL.. Green forever..Semper Fi. Gunny out

08-17-02, 02:36 PM
for platoon photos back to 1939, couple years they be skimpy on them, though. (843)228-3302 ext. 7355 or 7356. Attn: Recruit Photo Manager PO Box 5100 Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island, SC. 29905 They need the graduation date, Platoon Number, yer address and telephone number Recruit training series books are not available. Another route, besides e-bay, is such as Leatherneck magazine "Mail Call" List your needs or items to sell or trade. Mail Call Editor PO Box 1775 Quantico VA 22134 1(800) 336-0291. I'll keep my eye out for more. Semper Fi, Marine and welcome home! LL and I just be playin rough....she likes it that way, I understand....That's what SixGuns and SgtT say anyway.......:D

08-17-02, 05:15 PM
Gunny, you might try here and see if someone has listed that platoon. This web site was started by a Marine.


08-18-02, 11:10 AM
I'm not the one that likes it rough. Troop901 does..LOL!! :D

Gunny, don't take that Old Fartie comment to heart. It's my way
of showing the love to my older Marine Brothers. I've learned
already not to assume anything after I thought Wrbones was
70 years old and it turned out he was 40 some...LOL!

Luv ya Wrbones ;)