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09-04-03, 09:32 PM
Slain Soldier's Father Criticizes Lynch's Book Deal
Kiehl Says Lynch Is 'A Profiteer'

POSTED: 9:02 AM CDT September 4, 2003

COMFORT, Texas -- The father of a Comfort soldier killed in an ambush in Iraq that former prisoner of war Jessica Lynch survived said that Lynch's million-dollar book deal will taint the memory of the soldiers killed in the ambush.

"Pretty severe, isn't it?" Randy Kiehl (pictured, left), the father of Army Spc. James Kiehl, said in an exclusive interview with KSAT 12 News Wednesday from his home in Comfort. "That she makes money off the death of my son and off the deaths of so many others."

James Kiehl (pictured, below) was among seven members of the 507th Maintenance Company stationed at Fort Bliss in El Paso killed in the ambush on March 23 near An Nasiriyah. Lynch survived the attack and was taken prisoner of war. She was later rescued from a hospital and became a national hero.

On Tuesday, a publisher announced that Lynch signed a $1 million deal for a book that will tell the story about her capture and rescue.

"Where's the million-dollar book deal for the other members of the 507th who were killed?" Randy Kiehl said. "How do they tell their story?

"Now, she's a profiteer because what she did was in the line of duty."

Randy Kiehl said he also blames the publisher and others "who waved that million-dollar check in front of her."

Kiehl said he plans on reading Lynch's book, due out in November, to find out what it says about his son.

Kiehl added that he's glad Lynch survived the attack.


09-04-03, 11:48 PM
:mad: :confused: SparrowHawk,
I think the icons pretty well sum up what I am about this whole Jessica Lynch thing. I am mad that she is being treated like someone who did something extraordinary and above what others there did and are doing. I am sure it was hell but come on, just how much is true and how much is hype. There is just to much that we don't, and probably will never know, about it. I am also angered and confused about her getting the bronze star. I thought that was only given for valor. That is what has me wondering. Wonder what those men who rescued her received. They seem to have fallen the the wayside. Do you think this is a political thing.
You have, as many of us here at Leatherneck have, been in situations as hairy, if not more so, and we did it for out whole tour of duty. Nobody has beaten anyone's door down wanting to know if we would write a book about how terrible we had it. About all we received were dirty looks, insults and the cold shoulder.
That is all I have to say about it. I know there are two sides to every situation but I am still trying to find out what the situation is. Semper Fi


09-05-03, 04:51 AM
You can't blame the father for speaking out! I'm sure there are so many other parents who have lost their child, feel the same way. I can only imagine the feelings and thoughts of one loosing their child in war and having a nobody who done nothing recieve more recognition all the way around, then your child, who deserves more recognition then the one that recieved it! I hope more parents speak out about this. Sooner or later, someone will have to notice!!

09-06-03, 04:11 AM
There must be a way the proceeds can benefit the families of the the 507th 's dead & wounded. Hope Jessica Lynch finds the way.