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03-26-10, 08:21 PM
South Korean ship sunk!!


03-26-10, 08:50 PM
Do you think South Korea can beat the North w/out anybody's help? China doesn't really care about North Korea anymore. If they aren't involved I think that the North would drop pretty quick. Whats your thoughts?

03-27-10, 02:00 AM
That news story fails to report that what they "saw" on nearby, was not a NK ship, but a flock of birds on radar that they thought was a vessel.

Even though it may not be as active as it once was, the relationship between NK and China is still important to both countries and is still there. And places like China and Russia are very concerned about the situation of NK because if anything were to happen, collapse or invasion, there would be millions of refugees flocking to China and Russia. And no, SK could not beat them by themselves, I don't think. The North may be starving and their gear may be old, but they know how to use it well and they have a lot of it. And the size of the North's active forces is well above that of the SKoreans. In a surprise attack from the North they would easily take Seoul. After that, and with more US troops, they would be clubbed to death like a baby seal.

03-27-10, 05:18 AM
:usmc: Once they get near the DMZ the North Koreans are gonna be Surprised by Tactical Nukes that already poised too go off on them by our Virginia class attack Subs sitting in Their waters as We speak.:usmc: :thumbup:

03-27-10, 07:25 AM
I just pray we dont get drug into another war. We are already streched too thin.

03-27-10, 09:16 AM
interesting comments. good point steve about the refugees, an insight often overlooked. I would probably bet on it being a malfunction in the ship as they state the rearend blew out.

03-27-10, 09:29 AM
MSM is now stating that there was no foul play. We shall see.

03-28-10, 07:03 PM
There shouldn't be any foul play. The NKoreans like testing the limits of the SKoreans along the NLL, but this is too much for them. It sure did make a lot of my Korean counterparts freak out when they found out about it, I had just started my mid shift when it went down. I in contrast sorta just said "ehhhh... I'm gonna go smoke."

Probably a malfunction, but I kinda want to bet on it having to do maybe with faulty munitions that accidentally went off cause it did rip the ship in half. And even if it were the NKoreans, at this point, the SKoreans won't do anything.

03-28-10, 07:32 PM
:evilgrin: This would be a great time too nail the North with a 1st.Strike of Trident Nukes 3 below the Chinese Border 3 on the Center of the Country 3 too the East 3 too the West and 3 too the just above the 38th Pararrel DMZ.Melt that Million Man Army...We'd be doing the starving North Koreans a Favor.China and Russia don't really want any of our Neutron Action either...:iwo:

03-28-10, 07:43 PM
Agreed, and while are at it there a couple places to the west that should be turned to glass as well. It'll never happen, just like there will probably never be another conventional war. Too many political and peace loops to jump through before doing anything.

But if NK goes away I'm out of a job...

03-28-10, 07:53 PM
:evilgrin: That may be true but You can always become a Pimp wearing them Dress Blues in Hong Kong.GodSpeed Marine and thanks for Serving our Country and the South Koreans and laying your Azz on the line for Freedom...Semper~Fidelis~ :usmc: :iwo:

03-28-10, 10:29 PM
Thanks, Semper Fidelis!