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03-23-10, 08:07 PM
Hey guys,

I am trying to get some more info to help out a friend. Bottom line is I have a buddy who was a year behind me in high school and has been in college for a year and decided rather than wait for OCS he really wants to start with the enlisted, albeit reserve so he can finish school, route. I know he's good for it, hes an eagle scout, has Marines in his family, hes not "some wannabe," hes going to make it no problem. He already set up a date to sign paperwork and and should be DEPping next week.

Here is the issue, he's wanted to be a Marine since he was little, and has his heart set on infantry. The only slots they currently have in our reserve district are comm. Currently he is planning to DEP with a ship date way out there with comm and basically go on standby. Both he and the recruiter know he will not ship unless he's infantry, and the recruiter doesn't have an issue with this. I was a poolee for a year and half so I saw stuff like this happen, and I know the recruiter personally and have for a few years and hes a good guy and doing his best to help my friend out. I am pretty sure I DEPpd with a different MOS and ended up getting my 0331 slot later (but it's been a while), and that is what I am too advising my buddy to do.

I basically want to know from recruiters, or guys who know the system, what his options are in terms of getting an infantry slot before summers end. On standby, what are the odds of that coming through for him? The big reason its important he leaves before the end of summer is the battalion he is trying to get into should be activated by this time next year, and he doesn't want to miss it.

From what I am told, in the system, all reserve infantry slots this fiscal year are filled. Fine, I understand that. How does that update though? I know for a fact my unit is looking for guys (we have people checking out left and right and they keep tell us to recruit people into the reserves because we need the manpower). Are there any exceptions or ways around this.

Any input is greatly appreciated,

Thanks guys



03-28-10, 10:05 PM
Just an update in case anyone is interested. When my buddy got back from spring break all slots were filled for 2010 so they are able to give him an advance 0331 slot for 2011, and he will basically be shipping in the fall if he can't get a slot sooner while on standby. Again, any input would be great, but just trying to keep you all in the loop.



03-30-10, 10:28 PM
Wow... Guess I misjudged him. He completely *****ed out. Went in to sign on Saturday, recruiter said he wanted to meet with him again, went back in to sign Monday, recruiter said he seemed unsure and to come back Wednesday. He decided to tell his parents, his dad said he was going to break his knees, and he curled up into a little ball and needs time to figure out his life. Basically just threw away a slot that probably won't come back for a while. He was told he could back down if he decided not to do it but he should at least take the slot... nothing. 20 year old man caving to his parents. 5 hours of my girlfriend and I talking to him did nothing I guess.

Sorry for the rant, just shocked and ****ed that I wasted the last 4 months talking to him for hours at a time answering all his questions. Also ****ed that I put fourth the effort to get a recruiter who no longer actively recruits (is the NCOIC) to help out a friend for me, because the friend says he is going to do it, and then this. The kid freaken carries around his Uncles EGA and wears his dog tags (uncle was a Vietnam vet who passed away recently), and tells all his buddies hes going to be a Marine about 4 months ago when he got in touch with this recruiter through me.

He may eventually have a change of heart, but his parents won't and I guess some people never grow up. Oh well.


03-31-10, 09:03 AM
If he is in a state school, some states waive tuition with service in the guard. He can combine his guard enlistment with army ROTC as a SMP cadet.
That way he gets army basic and MOS school as an enlisted, gets ROTC training, and spends his guard time split between being a "3rd Lt" learning officer stuff, and do enlisted things.
The down side is that he would then get an army commission.

If he is a pussy, which it sounds like he is, then the army may be right for him.

03-31-10, 10:03 AM
You tried. Now just let it go. It's his decision and he has to live with the consequences and possible regret.