View Full Version : Graduated March 5th

03-13-10, 02:50 PM
MCRD San Diego, Company H, Plt 2167
If anyone has any questions, feel free to shot them in this direction.

Rocky C
03-13-10, 02:53 PM
Congrats Marine!!!

Semper Fi,

Lisa 23
03-13-10, 03:05 PM
CONGRATS on EARNING the title...United States Marine! :usmc:

Semper Fi! :flag:

Now get in-touch with one of the mods...jinelson or thedrifter...and have them change your status from poolee to Marine!

03-13-10, 03:08 PM
Congratulations Marine!

03-13-10, 08:03 PM
Congats, I was right there with you. Platoon 2161.

03-17-10, 05:57 PM
Hey molder what's going on man? Where from the same RSS Azusa. I remember talking to you during bootcamp. I got dropped back to mike company and just graduated friday plt 3261. Good to see you made it. Did you get RA?