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03-10-10, 10:14 PM
....what was your favorite rank during your time in the Corps? I was only in 5 years, I got up to Sergeant with a looming selection for Staff. My favorite rank was Sergeant...but I've heard many people say Corporal. This is coming from like Master Gunns.

03-11-10, 12:00 AM
I was promoted to LCPL twice, so that must have been it.

03-11-10, 12:01 AM
I loved being a LCPL Fire Team Leader as an 0311. You get to skate like a Lance and get out of doing "NCO" stuff but still get all the privileges as a CPL

03-11-10, 12:41 AM
:evilgrin: A Boot Camp Maggot at P.I, Loved seeing other Maggots getting the Chit knocked outta them by our D.I'S :D :flag:

03-12-10, 09:43 AM
I loved being a Cpl. I didn't like it so much when I picked up Sgt. and my 1stSgt was on my ass all the time telling me I had to be more like 'Daddy'.

03-12-10, 09:49 AM
Gotta be Corporal -- you still have enough rank to enjoy certain privilges but still low enough that you can get away with stupid ****.

03-12-10, 10:17 AM
For me Staff was best. There was always a Sgt to pass things down to. :)

03-12-10, 10:19 AM
The one that paid me the most!

03-12-10, 10:26 AM
MGySgt...because I could tell the SgtMaj to STFU. (;

03-12-10, 10:32 AM
The one that paid me the most!
+1 :thumbup:

03-12-10, 11:34 AM
I made every rank from LCpl to SSgt twice through no fault of my own. I had the most fun as a Cpl.:)

390 Mach I
03-12-10, 11:42 AM
I enjoyed being a Cpl the most.

03-12-10, 11:53 AM
I would say Cpl. you can screw it up once and get a pass from time to time, plus the 1st. Sgt. seemed to pay more attention to what the Sgt's were doing, so under the radar.

Zulu 36
03-12-10, 01:11 PM
I enjoyed Sergeant the best. Maybe because I held it the longest of all my ranks.