View Full Version : One Of The Few: FlatFoot Laid To Rest

09-01-03, 10:22 PM
In not too many hours from now John Gray (aka-flatfoot) will be laid to rest and memorialized. At 1400, in Liberty Missouri at the Grace Episcopal Church this ceremony will begin.

On behalf of John Gray, Family and Friends I want to personally thank each Brother, Sister and Friend that logged onto the Memorial Service for John here at Leatherneck this past Thursday evening the 28th of August and also to those who wanted to be there but could not.

Thank You!

This day we all knew would come was not a surprise to John. He had made a choice some time ago to stop all chemical and radiology treatments. He told me one evening that as far as he was concerned, if he had a choice of being as sick as these treatments made him versus dying,,,,, he would rather pass on and not be so ill.

How can someone make this decision? I do not know. I have never been faced with having to make a choice like John did. I do not know if I could.

In closing I would like to say this:

Goodbye my Friend and Brother. Some say you will be at the gates of Heavan as we come Home. I don't think so. You will long before that have most probably deligated that to someone else.
I love you John and will never forget. You made me a better person, man and Father.