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02-08-10, 12:16 AM
Men who scramble up and down the Pac NW mountains harvesting timber literally can't get enough of it. Logging outfits these day's are pretty good about policing trash, i've only noticed a few empty jugs scattered around clear cuts. Most often whats seen is a string of more than a dozen empty gallons lashed together with bailers twine in the back of someones pickup truck. Now it's possible some of these containers held a different type of distilled backwoods beverage enjoyed after the heavy junk is shut down for the day:beer: but that's doubtful.

Distilled water is comparatively cheap at about $1 per gallon and that could be all there is to it?... it's not.
They know, like i know: When working hard under the direct sunlight of mid summer we can quaff 2, 3 gallons or more of distilled water during the heat of the day and it continues tasting like the same old "nothing" down to the last drop. Non stimulating, but tends to not get repulsive and of course helps keep body parts from seizing up in the heat.

When we drink that much hard water or chemically treated water or "sports" drink, at some point the body says: ENOUGH! I have exceeded my capacity to further absorb iron, sulfur, sodium, selenium, chlorine, fructose, glucose, sucrose, yellow#5 lake, et al.

Recently i heard a couple genteel tie-dye's attempting to condemn the consumption of distilled water claiming that it's only good for ironing clothes and sterile medical procedures and irrigating delicate infantile crocus bulbs because it contains no damaging minerals and additives but if we drink distilled water, well that's bad because the water is dead?!

Horse Scat! Those house plants never worked in hell. When laboring long and hard in the heat, our body needs to roll plenty of water through to avoid breaking down and getting sick. The water exudes and evaporates but many of the "nutrients" and additives remain and continue to build up and that's why it starts to taste foul and might even make you feel like crap.