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08-29-03, 05:46 AM
'Baby Bush' Born in Baghdad

Thursday, August 28, 2003

BAGHDAD, Iraq It's a fair bet that one Baghdad baby won't run into anybody else in Iraq with the same name.

An Iraqi couple has named their 6-week-old baby boy George Bush (search) to show their appreciation for U.S. efforts to force Saddam Hussein (search) out of power.

"He saved us from Saddam and that's why we named our son after him," the baby's mother, Nadia Jergis Mohammed, told the Associated Press Television News. "It was George Bush who liberated us; without him it wouldn't have happened."

Baby Bush was born July 11 to Mohammed, 34, and her husband Abdul Kader Faris, 41. His full name is George Bush Abdul Kader Faris Abed El-Hussein.

If the couple had had twin boys, the father wanted to name the other baby Tony Blair (search), because he said both the U.S. and Britain liberated Iraq.

Baby Bush has two older brothers, with the more traditional names Omar and Ali.

The tiny boy's mother told APTN that all Iraqis hated Saddam's regime, and that President Bush freed them from his dictatorship.

"If he hadn't done it the sons of Saddam would have ruled us for years," she said.

As the woman did the interview, little George Bush screamed in his crib.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.




08-30-03, 04:39 AM
As I have said before,
they could shorten his name to "little hitler"!! ;)