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01-31-10, 11:30 PM
Hi Marines, i want to enlist and get a supply mos but heres the thing. After looking at the mos's i saw that many jobs in the supply say no convictions of larceny or theft. Well i made a mistake when i was 16 and got a misdemeanor larceny. I went to court and the agreement was that i do 24hrs community service and it would be dropped permenantly off my record. So its not on my record any longer, but i was wondering if that would matter when trying to get a job in supply because i dont want to get supply and then the corps transfers me to something else because of that. so if anyone that knows can help me i would appreciate, o btw idk if it matters but im going enlist as a reserve Marine.

Lisa 23
01-31-10, 11:34 PM
Capitalize Corps at all times! :evilgrin:
The Marines here aren't recruiters. You'll probably need a waiver for your problem there, even though they told you it's off your record. Don't lie, they will find out. Only a recruiter can best answer this question.

Sgt Leprechaun
02-01-10, 09:22 PM
No convictions means JUST that. You'll have to disclose the arrest and whatever else happened anyway, I'd expect a DQ from that MOS.