View Full Version : What does one TRILLION dollars look like?

01-29-10, 05:02 PM


Gunner 0313
01-29-10, 05:05 PM
:flag:The trouble that I could get into w/ that kind of money.......

Rocky C
01-29-10, 05:13 PM
Is that a 3 foot man next to it or a 7 foot man ??? :)

Gunner 0313
01-29-10, 05:29 PM
:flag:The parties we could have ...

Rocky C
01-29-10, 05:30 PM
:flag:The parties we could have ...

Gunner 0313
01-29-10, 05:32 PM
:flag:Girls, girls, girls !

01-29-10, 06:31 PM
So the next time you hear someone toss around the phrase "trillion dollars"... that's what they're talking aboutG-Money, thats what i'm talkin about:cool:word

01-29-10, 06:33 PM
Is that a 3 foot man next to it or a 7 foot man ??? :)Kinda looks like da 6-inch Ditka

01-29-10, 06:46 PM
Jerry Doyle had a question this week. If you count to 1 trillion saying a number every second, how long would it take?

31,688 years.

Gunner 0313
01-29-10, 07:08 PM
:flag:Yea but the idiots in charge burn through it no time like it's cool. That's why it's staggering to me how they throw these numbers around like it's change in the ashtray of your car.

01-29-10, 07:19 PM
You see the ad at the bottom of that page?

LOL. I mean, is someone going to spread that wealth around and we're gonna need some containers to keep it in?

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01-29-10, 07:30 PM
Oh,,,,, but when it devalues,,,,,,, How much will my beer cost? might have to trade for favors.

Gunner 0313
01-29-10, 07:31 PM
:flag:Monopoly money maybe.....

01-29-10, 07:33 PM
Let me check my stack for accuracy,,,,,,, Where did I put that couch?

01-30-10, 03:26 PM
Have you stopped to look at who we owe this money to? We owe it to the countries we were giving billions of dollars to, during WW2. Not just our so-called 'friends', but the people we were fighting against! The debt that they owed us, was 'Forgiven', because they were too poor to pay us back.
Now our own Government, tells us we have to give them more? Our jobs are going to them, and they show no hesitation, about taking everything they can away from us. While they look down their noses at us, and laugh. That really makes me proud. :( S/F!!! Ken

01-30-10, 03:39 PM
I wonder how much of a hic-up it would be to our govenrment if every working person who payes taxes were to take the same day off (not a paid day off) during the week! What would that do to the economy? just a random thought!

01-30-10, 03:57 PM
The amount of beer an lapdances I could get

01-30-10, 04:02 PM
They could give every American $2 million and solve a lot of problems...but then they would become powerless.

01-30-10, 04:03 PM
KenrobG30 is on to something....

01-30-10, 04:41 PM
While we're on the subject of money, do you know, that Lyndon Johnson, and a couple of other turncoat Democrats, Helped the Republicans , in their never ending attempts to kill Social Security, by signing the bill that the Republicans, pushed through Congress, that allowed them to raid the Fund of hundreds of millions of dollars? They used the excuse, that the money was being 'borrowed', to help balance the budget. What they meant was, they wanted to use our money, which was not tax money, but money that working people were investing, toward their retirement. That was an investment, of our money , that we had already paid taxes on. It was ours, not the governments. To this day, they have never repaid one cent of that 'Loan'.
Now, they tell us that Soc. Sec. is going broke? Who broke it. :mad: S/F!!!! Ken

01-31-10, 01:42 PM
The amount of beer an lapdances I could get

I don't think there's enough of you to even spend that in your life if you had a beer and lapdance every hour till the end. Thats a LOT OF CASH!!

01-31-10, 02:01 PM
I don't think there's enough of you to even spend that in your life if you had a beer and lapdance every hour till the end. Thats a LOT OF CASH!!

I agree, i'd be in bad shape haha

Lisa 23
01-31-10, 02:04 PM