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08-28-03, 08:22 AM
:D :marine: I checked my PM folder. Holy MOLELY< OR AS KLINGER WOULD SAY, HOLY TOLEDO!!!!haha. Hey it was a good show, even if they were "ARMY", get over it. Haheeeeha.....!!!
It said, or read, "YOU ARE USING 65.71% of your PM quota based upon 100. What happens if I reach 100? Do I explode? :-) But, I'm back to 0%......So now what?

I want to apologize to everyone who mighta read this M>L>K thing. I'm sorry I posted it. I thought with all the hype and mis-leading B*****S*****, that is goin' on in our world today, that it would bring to lite a bit of "TRUTH", something that is refreshing to me.

When I was a Drill Instructor, (NO D>I>) and Plt. Comdr., (NO SENIOR DRILL INSTRUCTOR IN MY TIME), I never once lied, or told my RECRUIT'S nuttin' but the truth. As I hadn't been long back in the world from that there GUMBOJUMBO land of rice propelled machines. I wanted my recruits to not be "AFRAID OF ME" as I was when I went to bootcamp, 66, and had a Plt. Comdr who was a t-total AH!!! I had a Drill Instructor who was, without question a "MARINE" who instilled in me, what is was to be a Drill Instructor. You could shave from the shine off his shoes, his boots. You could cut yersef on his razor creases, and he should've been a "POSTER" for Drill Instructor's which could've read; "DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO MEET THIS MAN?" He was a BLACK MAN. I never heard the term, "AFRO AMERICAN" until some time later in life. I respected him beyond belief. Even if he did, bop me upside the back of my head when I didn't pivot right. haha. No harm, no foul. (I learned to pivot)!!! His name? SGT ROBINSON. If he would happen to be a member of this site, I'd love to hear from him. I seen him the last time in Quang-tri at disbursing, just 'fore I was headin' back to the world.

If my Drill Instructor's ever lied to "MY' recruits, they'd pay, believe me. And like I said I wanted respect, not by some overpowering fear, but from my actions. I'm not tryin' to blow my own horn, but, by doin' this, I got more results from the onionheads, and my Duty Hut door was always open to any recruit at any time to talk man to man. I mean c'mon, I wasn't much older than they were. Just happen to have more experience. If they did wrong? They were told, sometimes punished by me, not with any physical abuse, but, with things they'd remember.

I also learned from my Deceased Father, God rest his soul, that without a doubt, and my Mother who has Alz's, "THAT THE TRUTH IS THE HARDEST THING TO SAY, ADMIT TO, TO BE A PART OF." "BUT, DON'T BE AFRAID OF IT." "AND ALWAYS TELL THE TRUTH." That has stuck with me from the time I can remember.

I learned how to tell if someone is not tellin' the truth by watchin' their eyes. Learned later from bein' a cop, criminal investigator, undercover drug agent, and I couldn't stand to when I had to, lie in order to save my neck, in some pretty bad close call situations.

This will go over good. "THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE" AUNT ELIZABETH, Sanford 'n Son. But also in the best top selling book ever written, the "BIBLE."

Since my post, "HEARTBROKEN" I have had many good replies, and some not so good. Some that hit home, some that I ignored. But I respected each one's right to say what they feel. And will always continue to respect each person(s) right to say how he/she feels. As I did with my Recruits when I had a good one on one talk, lettin' the recruit openly speak. I didn't care what they said. I wanted the individual to be able to "LET IT ALL HANG OUT" if you will, this way, he would get his "AIR TIME" and then return to the Plt. feelin', "I CAN DO THIS." "I AM GLAD THAT MY PLT. COMDR., HAS THE RESPECT OF HIS FELLOW MAN."

If we don't respect each other, what is there to gain in this life?
Nothing. You go 'round with this big chip on yer shoulder, as I did for 30yrs. And what did it get me? "hate", "bitterness" "anger" "rage" and a feelin' of less than a human being. Not until I turned myself inside out and looked very hard at myself did I learn many things. Yes I still have some hurts, some pain. But, like my wife and I who are tryin' to get it together, and we've hurt each other. But I'm realizing it's not intentional. One of my Best of the Best Friends I ever had, a Navy Corpsman, 64-65 Nam, wounded, never talked about Nam, a quad-palegic and was killed from a situation that I'm a bit upset over. He finally after 30 some odd yrs, and abuse by wives, met his love of his life. They're saying which is so true; "WE MAY NOT HAVE IT ALL TOGETHER, BUT WE'RE TOGETHER." He gave of himself, never talking about himself, gave to other's all he could that did some good. And that is what my purpose was. So, there I've told the "TRUTH" and I hope someone will have the guts to reply back, and say, "YEA BIG E 6", I want some of that too. THE EAGLE HAS SPOKEN.


08-28-03, 12:01 PM
:marine:I conjur with your evaluation, Jerry...Enough said!! :marine: :marine: