View Full Version : We need more troops, HUH?

08-25-03, 08:33 AM
:no: Again yesterday our Sec. of Def. Rummy, said, we got enough troops. The Chief of the Joints of Staff commented, we need more people to enlist, in essence. So what is going on? Who's runnin' the show? The President did something which many President's haven't done before. He has left the decision making to his military people. But the military people who are making these decision's aren't as per usual in the place where they can see really what is going on. It don't make any difference what they say. There aren't enough troops in Irag to be safe. And so what if Hussein ain't captured or killed? The Iragi people who I listened to last night, if he surfaces, they'll take care of him. We need to focus our attention to these countries, like even Saudi Arabia, for letting militant's go across their borders. Maybe we need to put more troops on their borders. But also what about our Nat'l guard helpin' protect our borders? I know a lot of people who'd take their jobs they're doin' now. And the establishment says the out of work people aren't as many. Hell no, those whom have tried and tried to get work and cain't, they aren't on the rolls no more. So what I'm saying is this. The current administration as well as other's, lie, deceive, and keep talkin' about terrorism to keep us the lil' pups, thinking that it's a good thing we're doin' what we're doing. It's time to get out, bring 'em home. We got so many problems at home that need attending. Why is it, that it seems that every President cain't do something for those American's in need? This blow's my mind...THE EAGLE HAS SPOKEN.

Sgt Sostand
08-25-03, 09:16 AM
Ya i say we do

08-25-03, 10:47 AM
Yes Sir Ree Bob!!!! Thank you Sgt S. If we could make a difference by voicing our feelings to the top brass, maybe we could help our brothers/sisters, and get more troops. I wish I had the power to stand face to face with these so called "EXPERTS" and tell 'em; "LISTEN UP, YOU NUTBRAIN!!" "ARE YOU GETTIN' SHOT AT?" "HAVE YOU NOT THE COURAGE TO GET OFF YOUR DEAD A******AND GO WHERE THE ACTION IS?" "BEFORE YOU LET YOUR GENERAL'S MAKE DECISIONS, HOW ABOUT CHECKIN' IT OUT?" "WHAT?" "AFRAID OF GETTIN' BLOWN AWAY?" "WELL HOW IN THE HELL DO YOU THINK "YOUR" MEN/WOMEN FEEL, DIPSTICK?" THE EAGLE HAS SPOKEN.