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08-23-03, 03:23 PM
Double time - Twins stick together, earn title together
Submitted by: MCRD San Diego
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Story by Lance Cpl. Jess Levens

MARINE CORPS RECRUIT DEPOT SAN DIEGO, Calif.(August 22, 2003) -- Americans recognize the Doublemint twins for their happy, gum-chewing escapades.

Twins or no twins, Marine recruits don't chew gum. Instead, Pvts. Chad and Chris McGathy-both from Platoon 1093, Company A-crawl through mud with their rifles as sweat drips off their noses and dirt cakes to their wearily furrowed brows.

The 19-year-old identical twins were born in Wichita, Kan., and moved to smaller, rural Cedarvale, Kan. There, the brothers grew up doing farm work and going to school. In high school, both boys played football and lived normal small-town lives, according to Chris.

"We had a pretty normal childhood," said Chris. "Growing up as twins, we were always best friends."

"We actually fought a lot because we're so much alike," chimed in Chad. "But no matter what happened, we always had each other's backs."

The twins decided to join the Marines toward the beginning of their senior years after several people told them they couldn't meet the challenge. The Sept. 11 terrorist attacks also fueled their decision, according to Chris.

The blond twins excelled through their last year of high school and shipped to recruit training two weeks after graduation.

"When we got to the Depot, I was pretty freaked out," said Chad, who earlier had heard from a private on recruiters assistance that boot camp was fun and a good time. "I knew it would be hard, but I wasn't told how tough it really was. It took me by surprise."

Chris and Chad were assigned to the same platoon, and stuck together through the duration of training by helping each other out in any way they could.

"Chad was really there for me emotionally," said Chris. "Sometimes we would get down, but we just kept building each other up."

They also helped each other physically, and lightened each other's load as much as possible.

"Sometimes on hikes, one of us would fall back," said Chad. "When that happened to me, Chris fell back and helped to push me back into the platoon."

"The twins stuck together the whole time," said Staff Sgt. Charles Joseph, senior drill instructor, Platoon 1093, Co. A. "There were times when one would get really down, and the other would instantly be his comfort."

Chris and Chad both enlisted as infantrymen and agreed that it was the job for them.

"We're both used to doing physical work," said Chris. "We picked infantry because that's what makes the Marine Corps."

Chad said he plans to take lots of college courses while in the Marine Corps and work on a degree, while Chris wants use is time in the Corps to prepare for fire academy and become a fire fighter.

Today, as these new Marines walk across the parade deck, their family's excitement will be doubled indeed; however, not from the enjoyment of gum. This set of twins is now proudly, officially part of the world's 911 force. Their clean-cut, upright stroll into the corps led them down a path of hard work, sweat and tears, and they did it together.


Twin brothers, Pvts. Chad and Chris McGathy, Platoon 1093, Company A, stand at the position of parade rest as they await inspection during Company A's Battalion Commander's Inspection.
Photo by: Lance Cpl. Jess Levens

The Drifter

03-17-08, 09:44 AM
Great article. I remember them. I was in that platoon, too.

-Sgt Michael Endres