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12-04-09, 08:56 AM
Hey everyone, just looking for someone who may have some experience with this...

My husband's MOL says he's a Cpl select, and his cutting score indicates he should've picked up Cpl Dec 1st. His rank still shows him as a lance, and as of yesterday morning, he had not been promoted yet. About a week ago, they told the 2 in the plt that were supposed to be picking up Cpl that they needed to "step it up", which everyone thought was just blowing smoke b/c my husband got a meritorious mast not even a month ago. Now they're wondering if they're not going to pin him (no one has a non-rec)..I dont know what my question is really just trying to figure out if the NCO sword is going to be his Christmas present or not. Also, does MOL update as soon as they pick up? He'll be in the field for a couple weeks and there's no communication so that's really my only way to know. Thanks for any words of wisdom!

12-04-09, 09:14 AM
sounds like everything in the Corps Hurry-up and wait

12-05-09, 01:20 AM
Have him ask his plt sgt, First Sgt, etc. Use your chain of command.