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11-21-09, 08:39 PM
A Marine looks down the barrel of a weapon mounted with Armatac Industries’ 150-round high-capacity magazine for the infantry automatic rifle under consideration by the Marine Corps.

Marine acquisition officials are considering a high-capacity magazine that could hold 50 or 100 rounds and fit numerous 5.56mm weapons, raising questions about the Corps’ plans to move forward with development of the contro versial infantry automatic rifle.

Marine Corps Systems Command, based at Quantico, Va., is “seeking potential commercial sources for a high capacity magazine for use in a semi or fully automatic rifle,” with responses due by Nov. 17, according to a new advertise ment to industry. The magazine would need to fit “the M16/M4/HK 416 family of weapons,” which includes the new 5.56mm auto-rifle SysCom is considering as a replacement for the M249 Squad Automatic Weapon in most fire teams.

Marine officials did not respond to requests for comment, but adopting a high-capacity magazine for the IAR would address concerns posed by some grunts worried that replacing the SAW with the IAR would cut firepower in situations where a sustained rate of fire is needed.

The SAW typically holds a 200-round drum of 5.56mm ammunition, while the IAR is designed for use with 30-round magazines.

Maj. John Smith, the weapon’s project officer, said in September that the Corps was “close to having a decision” on the IAR contract competi tion, which pits one rifle from FN Herstal, two variants from Colt Defense and one from Heck ler & Koch against each other. At the time, Smith acknowledged that Commandant Gen.

James Conway had questioned how the IAR will fit into fire teams, but said that his concern was “answered in short order.” Smith declined to elaborate, and Maj. David Nevers, a spokesman for Conway, said the commandant was unavailable for comment.

At the Modern Day Marine exposition held at Quantico in October, FN Herstal displayed a high-capacity magazine for its IAR variant that can hold 100 to 150 rounds. Another con tractor, Armatac Industries, has approached the Corps about a 150-round magazine it makes and says is compatible with each of the finalists’ weapons.

Early in the evaluation process for the IAR, the Corps’ requirement called for the weapon to use 100-round magazines. That was eventually elimi nated in favor of using the same 30-round maga zines, as Marine officials sought to cut weight from the SAW’s replacement.

— Dan Lamothe

Okay, so the Marine IAR might be okay, as might the FN IAR with a 150 round mag. But why in the hell is a major the project officer on a project that cries out for a CW 5 Gunner that actually knows something about infantry weapons requirements and has 30 years in the Corps instead of an O-4 who had 15 years total, 7 of which have been joint or schools?

11-22-09, 02:22 AM
didn't you know that if it makes sense, they don't do it?

This new IAR is fvcking retarded to the utmost degree. It's taking a step back to the M16A1 and then again even further to the original M14, which both were cut back to single and burst only and supplemented with the M60 and M249 which took over the original roll it was designed to fill. Do these idiots not know any modern weapons history at all? I mean, goddam, it was only 50 fvckin years ago at the most they have to look back.

Why do we give these idiots the power to cut our legs out from under us.