View Full Version : "why?"

08-19-03, 05:59 PM
Why? :mad: "Why? Why are we still in Irag? Why are we still in Afganastan?" "Homeland security?" "Terrorist?" "OIL?" "FREEDOM?" B____________________......!!!!!! "How else do you think the economy gets better?" "More war!!!" It puts people to work. And builds the Military up. With all the sophisticated CIA, NCIS, FBI, SATELLITES, SOUND DETECTION, and we can't find Hussein or Ben Ladin? Give me a break....And, how many of these so called coalition, and or other countries, are still there compared to the USA? This is burning a hole deeper in my soul and I'm sick 'n tired of the USA having to be the only ones. I know I've posted similar threads, but, I can't say enuf...."We screwed up Nam." "Then the first Irag fight." "Clinton, the dipstick had a chance to get B.L. and I guess he was too busy underneath some women's dress, or in a hallway with a "CIGAR." Jack ass. What's wrong with these people? What's wrong with us telling Saudia Arabia, hey, Kiss my you know what, because (and screw these wacko enviromentalist) I'm going to drill and get another of our own oil fields started. And, unless you give up all the terrorists you have produced, stick it where the sun don't shine. There's enough oil in America, to keep us supplied for what 20k years? But no, we send our men/women to fight for it. And die for it. If I had a young child, 18 or so, I'd be tellin' them, if they had an idea it's for our country to fight in Irag, to join the military, "NO WAY JACK!!" "I'LL BUST YOUR KNOW WHAT!!" "AMERICA?" "WAKE UP!!"