View Full Version : Prior service reenlisting - Help!

11-15-09, 06:02 PM
So I have read the entire thread "How do I get back in" and could not find anything that applied to me. I have just a FEW issues, so please bear with me.

First and foremost, I would like to know if anyone could verify some medical qualifications for me. Specifically a compression fracture of the spine. I read (somewhere) that as long as it was one vertebrae, 25% or less fractured, and after one year you were asymptomatic, you were ok to reenlist. Anyone confirm or deny that for me?

So, since I have one year to heal, I also have one year to wait (and take advantage of prep time). I am currently 34, would be 35 re-enlisting. I have a little over 8 years AD time. I believe I am safe age-wise.

Finally, I have an RE code (can't remember the number/letter) but it's the one for denying orders. FOR THE RECORD...I DID NOT deny orders. However, I was bullied, and pushed, and berated, and nit-picked, until I finally got VERY FRUSTRATED and decided to get out. I know, you've heard that before...BUT, I also have NUMEROUS Marines that would attest to my mistreatment. And those Marines are SgtMaj's and officers. I could get two to three letters of recommendation in a matter of days, should I need them. I originally requested orders to MCT instructor school, received them, and had my SgtMaj at the time CANCEL them while I was in Sgt's course. Then, I requested Recruiting School, only to be run in CIRCLES running PFT's and WEIGH INS just to re-enlist! I possessed a first class PFT, fourth award expert rifle, held Staff billets for the last 3 years of my enlistment (as a Sgt), and received a NAM. I graduated 5th of 40 in Sgt's Course.

I want back in. I am MORE than prepared to do whatever it takes. So, someone help...is my RE code going to screw me? And is the medical info I found correct?

THANKS! :usmc: