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11-04-09, 04:59 PM
I just took a look at my cutting score and saw that I was not too far away from picking up Corporal. One of the scores that really hurt me was my rifle qual (I am in the Reserves). I did well on the CQB which like 96 but got sub par on the KD range. However, we went to the field for 4 days to do the KD qual, and I only got to shoot once. I hadn't fired an M-16 in 2 years at a KD range because I was a SAW gunner and was deployed before. Since they gave me my pre-qual score as my qual score, which was a marksman (I was an expert) would I have legitimacy in requesting that I get my old score back because I only had one chance on the KD range, even though we were out there for 4 days. It was very poor planning on our command, they made sure the people who unk'ed the first time went and went and went and those that got high sharpshooter to shoot again, but they did nothing for the ones that got around 200. I brought this up when we were there and they told me if time permitted I would shoot again, and I asked about courtesy drilling with another unit because of this and they didn't give me any response back. What steps should I take?

11-04-09, 07:15 PM
Hmm...did you sign a score card?

11-05-09, 02:45 AM
im with BR34 on this one...

you are SOL