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10-31-09, 07:35 PM
My son is joining the CORPS and I have to be honest that this not only caught me by surprise but it is his MOS of choice (02 Intelligence) that brings me here to ask all of you a few questions.

I know nothing about this MOS where do they train what are his chances of maintaining this MOS if he passes his initial training. Where do the most Marines with this MOS end up stationed? How are the promotions in this field and what advise do others in the Intelligence MOS have for him.

I was in and out after four years, politicians froze the military's funding so I was passed over twice for promotions it was the seventy's. I always say the Marine Corps is perfect it's just the people in it that screw (insert your adjective) it up. I also have what some would call a black mark on my enlistment as I enlisted for aviation maintenance and worked on airplanes and helicopters. Yes that's right I am a winger always have been and always will you see I still work on airplanes today. My enlistment ended almost thirty years ago but this is not about me.

Those of you who know about this MOS can help my son please post your thoughts and any information you are willing to share. My son has already taken the ASVAB and scored a 99 and passed the physical the recruiter (liar as we called them) said he can choose anything he wants. Say what you want about me but good advise for my son would be greatly appreciated.

11-03-09, 04:17 AM
i dont know much about them but we had a HET asset attached to our platoon. and also ive seen some pretty hot fm that are 02's i think they work in an office analyzing information.

11-04-09, 01:00 PM
Your son picked a great MOS.

The 02 field is in VERY high demand right now. They are offering VERY LARGE REinlistment bonuses for counter-intel and the promotion rate is very fast (for right now). Depending on what specific MOS he ends up going to he will either anyalize intel or he could end up being with the grunts doing intel in the field. I dont want to go into much more detail on that per OPSEC but let him know he made a very good choice. How is is background (criminal wise). I've seen Marines select the 02 field and get denied a security clearence which omits them from intel and they stick them open contract. Hope this helps!