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10-22-09, 03:21 AM
I posted another thread about this in ask a Marine also, just trying to get as much information as possible. The recruiter i have been talking with says that bills are froze during boot camp. As in while in boot camp i dont have to pay them. Now i have looked around on the internet and tried to find a answer but i have seen both answers. Yes you do have to pay bills during boot camp and also you dont. How did it work for you Marines during boot camp? Thanks Marines

10-22-09, 03:36 AM
Double posting will get you in trouble with the mods. Don't do it.

To answer your question, there are posts already in the forum that address this question. Use the search bar to search Service Member's Civil Relief Act.

There is a federal law that states that if any member of the active duty military (or activated reserve) is unable to meet financial obligations due to hardships caused by being active duty (such as being deployed to a different country or being isolated from the world at boot camp), you will not suffer because of it. I'm unsure of exact details, but interest still collects but is capped at a certain rate, bills are still due, but just add up until you get back. Your landlord cannot evict you (assuming you provide him with a copy of your orders and wouldn't hurt to give a copy of the law--but most usually have a military clause in the contract). Loan companies still report to the credit bureaus, potentially damaging your credit, but there is a star next to it on your credit report stating why you were delinquent on payment. The actual law will give you more information, your recruiter should be able to give you any other details that you need.

10-22-09, 11:09 AM
Just speak to your SDI about it

Lisa 23
10-22-09, 12:10 PM
Like SabreJack said...."double posting" is a no-no. There's no need to ask the same question multiple times, once is enough.

10-22-09, 01:16 PM
Ok thanks for the replies. And also im sorry about double posting. this thread can be closed. thanks Marines