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08-14-03, 03:17 PM
Dishonorable Conduct <br />
<br />
Marine in Brig for Spending Spree; Govt. Roots Out Abuse <br />
<br />
By Geraldine Sealey <br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
Aug. 14 A Marine Corps lance corporal is in the military brig for illegally using a...

08-14-03, 04:34 PM
Every time I've given a woman my credit card, the same thing happens :)

08-14-03, 05:29 PM
My e wife was handy with plastic. But not this bad.

08-14-03, 05:55 PM
My wife's purse was snatched with her wallet and credit cards in it. I was advised to notify the credit card companies and have the cards cancelled.

I said, "Hell NO! The thief is spending less than she does."

08-14-03, 05:59 PM
This must stop! The items must be returned! The car,YES! The motorcycle, YES! The furniture, YES! The breast inhan----UH, I think we have a couple of bumps in the road on this one.

08-14-03, 08:36 PM
Both times I married my credit rating was fantastic. <br />
<br />
Got married, and it went bad. <br />
<br />
Moral of the lesson: Don't get married to good looking, sweet talking men! <br />
<br />
As for the ex-Staff Sgt now...

08-14-03, 11:50 PM
Some people are beyond help, they're their own worst enemy.
But we must also fault the powers that issue these "credit cards".
Trying to get off "dirt cheap" on inventory, has let to much of this abuse.
Now they plan on monitoring these "credit cards" wouldn't it be cheaper to just to have let the inventory as it was?
Very thing she brought can be returned...including the uplifting of what God gave her...deflated the inflated...LMAO

Semper Fidelis

08-15-03, 04:07 AM
I think she should have gotten a dishonorable discharge! Also, why would anyone give a woman a credit card with that much buying power? Geez, I showed this to my wife and she immediatly started...