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10-15-09, 09:54 PM
I have seen the Ballad from a Marine in Vietnam. I changed some words to fit the hounds I served with during Operation Desert Storm 1991.
03 Blakey, Morris (chief), Cpl

Desert Storm Marine Warriors! Posted - Sep 4, 2009


Marines Version

The Ballad of the Green Beret

We’re the men, The U.S. Marines

Dirty, rough, and fightin mean

Made in the states we came this way

We couldn’t care less about the Green Beret

We hit the desert both night and day

Closing with the enemy and making them pay

Don’t need chutes or wings upon our chest

But we are our country’s best

With Kevlars a top our head

We fought like hell and ate hot lead

So, keep your caps and silver wings

We’ll send them home with all your things

We served as the Sword and Shield for the Corps

Fighting Saddam and not keeping score

We saw the white flags and whites of their eyes

Putting them down by shock and surprise

There were Marines who gave up their lives

So the Green Beret could see their wives

If I had died in this far off land

I hope it was for a better man

While they stomp and beat their chests

We storm the bunkers and kill the rest

We’re the men, who fight each day

Since 1775, leading the way

Back at home a wife waits

Her brave Marine has meet his fate

He died so others could carry on

For his Corps and brothers all day long

I know this song won’t be a hit

But, we Marines could give a ****

So when it comes to glory and fame

We’ll kick your ass and take your name

We’re the Marines from Cold Steel

Hell in helmet and keeping it real

So wise up Doggie and Green Beret

We’ll still be here when you fade away.