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Recollections of a Buck Private

"Somewhere in France"
The War Diary of Clarence L. Richmond
The observations of a young U.S. Marine in France in 1918, during the final months of World War I and the first few months of the Armistice.

The War Diary Of Clarence Richmond
I'd known ever since I was a little child that my grandfather had come back from World War I as the most decorated soldier from Bradley County, Tennessee. I never really knew much about what that meant. War wasn't real popular in the Vietnam Era, and I just never asked about it, and he was a quiet man who didn't tell unsolicited war stories. But not only did he keep a diary during his time in the Marines, but he typed it up shortly after the war, so there is a permanent record of his experiences. He also kept many war mementos, some of which are on display in the Cleveland Public Library.
Granddad's war diary was serialized by his local newspaper, The Cleveland Daily Banner, in 1979, only a year before he died. Then, almost 20 years later, my Dad had a touch of nostalgia and patriotism and wrote a moving letter to commemorate Veterans day and remind us of what Granddad did. At about the same time, I started corresponding with some of my relatives and friends through the Internet. And in an e-mail conversation, a friend who is a history buff expressed interest in Granddad's war diary. So I decided that the Internet might be a useful forum for sharing the war diary with... well, with the world. So, with considerable help from my Dad, who had the original diary, I "webified" it, and here it is.