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09-30-09, 09:00 AM
'Mission first, safety always':Marine Corps Base Hawaii’s Base Safety office receives prestigious award

9/9/2014 By Lance Cpl. Cassandra Flowers , Marine Corps Base Hawaii

The Base Safety office aboard Marine Corps Base Hawaii was awarded with the Department of the Navy’s 2009 Safety Excellence Award Tuesday during a ceremony at the U.S. Navy Memorial and Naval Heritage Center Theater, Washington, D.C.

Marine Corps Base Hawaii has won five previous awards for its exceptional performance, but has not been awarded this particular award since 2003.

“It’s really great winning this award,” said Steven Longwell, deputy director of safety office. “This is a good sign that we are getting back on track and getting the recognition we deserve.”

In order to be a considered for this prestigious award, commands must submit nomination packages with sufficient supporting documentation of each commands’ statistics, training, inspections and overall performance.

“This award means our safety office is proficient in a number of areas,” Longwell said. “Everything from driving programs, motorcycle courses, occupational safety and tactical safety measures, which are embedded into every unit, are evaluated.”

This is the eighth year the Department of the Navy has recognized Navy and Marine Corps units for this award. All recipients are presented with the Secretary of the Navy’s white and green safety flag, which they are entitled to fly for one year.

“Congratulations to all Department of the Navy Safety Excellence recipients,” said Ray Mabus, Secretary of the Navy, in a letter to recipients. “Your employment of operational risk management techniques, both on and off duty, demonstrated total command involvement and impressive front office safety commitment. Your commitment to safety has no doubt, prevented loss of life, and precluded countless injuries and damage to our material assets.”

For more information on the Department of the Navy Safety Excellence Award, see SECNAV Instruction 5305.4.