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09-22-09, 08:02 AM
Warrior mind training for San Diego troops
FOX 5 San Diego Staff

Relaxation, its a rare order for Marines at Camp Pendleton. "You want to sit straight up, but also relaxed. Begin focusing on your breathe," orders Warrior Mind Training instructor Ilene Gregorian.

The Marines in her class are on a mission for power, balance, and clarity. Warrior Mind Training is a free program that teaches troops concentration, for razor sharp attention.

Cpl. Sam Johnson, says "your mind is a muscle and you need to work it out." Johnson is taking the class, learning deep listening techniques, and other exercises based on ancient Samurai traditions.

Instructors say the mind, is a warriors most powerful weapon at war. "You can focus your attention, away from the fog of war, the hurry up and wait, and all the stress to find your center in the midst of all that," Gregorian explains.

The classes are taught at three San Diego military bases, for veterans and active duty service members. The free program is run by volunteers.