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09-21-09, 05:40 PM
Battle Orders 19-The US Marine Corps in the Vietnam War-III Marine Amphibious Force 1965-75 by Ed Gilbert is a book that I just plucked from the library shelf and a book that may be of interest to one and all.
The first printing of this book was, I believe, in 2006 Great Britain, so it is rather recent. This book contains, command, deployment, organization of forces in battle, describing elements of doctrine, training, tactics and equipment. It contains photographs, full color maps, organizational charts of unrivaled detail. This book demonstrates how III MAF conducted its struggle against Viet Cong guerillas and NVA forces in the northern provinces of Vietnam. It shows fire support bases, logistic bases, loading zones and phase lines. Combat operations include, Starlite, Pipestone Canyon, Dewey Canyon, Binh Ngiah.
The book is published by Osprey Publishing
Adios, for now.