View Full Version : Submarine Terror Fear For North Sea Oil Rigs

08-10-03, 06:05 AM
Steve Mckenzie

NORTH SEA oil rigs are prime targets for a submarine attack by terrorists, bosses have been warned.

The doomsday threat was revealed at a private summit of the industry's most powerful figures.

Terrorists could also blow up a rig using a specially recruited worker or attack by sea.

The meeting in Norway discussed how to protect the rigs in the clearest sign yet of a genuine threat to North Sea installations.

Details of the summit fears emerged after the Sunday Mail tracked down offshore safety, security and terrorism consultant Neal Adams.

Yesterday, Adams said an air, sea or underwater attack was not far-fetched, adding: "The US is concerned about the use of relatively cheap one-man submarines by drug runners to avoid detection by normal radar. These could be used by terrorists."

He said: "The oil industry has a high turnover of staff so, potentially, a terrorist could sign up and go out for manual labour.

"Platforms have many types of explosive mixtures on them and rigs aren't built with security in mind, so prevention must begin at the loading docks."

Houston-based Adams added: "North Sea facilities are huge and produce a great deal of oil.

"As targets, they would cause a lot of potential damage and pollution. The simplest way would be to take control of an offshore vessel and ram a platform."

Almost 90 oil giants have taken out comprehensive insurance of more than 125million with Bermuda- based Oil Insurance Ltd. But underwriters at the Lillehammer talks in Norway discussed whether it should be much more.

Adams said: "Kidnap and ransom insurance for South America is a well- defined business because of so many kidnappings. But we don't have that body of experience when it comes to blowing up platforms."

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