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09-14-09, 01:34 AM
I should start this off by mentioning I am a CPL reservist about to go active in January... So my unit is a piece of s**t... I have had the same rifle score for a few years now because my unit does not like to input data on time. I shot table 2 finally on the 15th of May, when the cutoff for the input of data is the 20th, and the scores are computed on the 30th or so... Correct me if I am wrong. As most of us know, the composite scores updated today and not to my surprise... no rifle score yet again... They have taken until yesterday to put the scores into the system. Now, I have been waiting for promotion for quite some time. Had a bad day on the range a while back and lowered my score, had a bad PFT after Iraq and again... Improved on all my scores over the past few months... Score goes up by 21 points yet again.

So here is my question. What can I do during the next few weeks to have the rifle scores that were shot prior to the training cutoff date implemented into my composite score?

As I stated in the beginning, I am going active in January when the prior service enlistments open back up again. If I do not get promoted in October because they don't want to put my rifle scores in on time, then I will never get promoted while on active duty. The MOS I am going into has a very high cutting score and I do not have enough time on active duty to keep all my time in grade/service so I will be on the bottom of the boat yet again. All these years as a CPL gearing for a SGT promotion, wasted...

09-14-09, 01:55 PM
Does anyone have any info on this subject?

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:evilgrin: NO PROFILE=NO HELP!!!:evilgrin:

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Profile added. Help requested...

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So I ask again...Does anyone have any info on this subject?

09-16-09, 04:19 AM
Anyone? I would like to resolve this issue this month so any information would be helpful.

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