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09-10-09, 07:46 PM
I wrote this about a week after 911, it took me time to get my head around what was happening. Even today, I find it hard to watch that
day unfold. To the heros of 911 and the American people.

Their presence is still there you know, they been seen by a select few,
thousands of souls of the innocent, spirits of the lost.
They watch over the field of destruction, from roof tops of broken
buildings on the perimeter, to twisted steel beams in the debris field.
They've seen the tears, felt the pain of loved ones and friends they've left
behind. They have seen heroes, from the frist day till the present, from the
rescue to the recovery. There are those that have been there from the first
day, there still there, they will not quit, 12 hour shifts, 24 hours a day,
everyday, There lungs filled with concrete dust, smoke and ash, and yes,
even the ash from incinerated human beings. Many have coughs, and many cough
up blood, but they will not quit, till all the bodies or body parts that can
be recoverd, are recoverd.To help bring closure to the famillies of the lost.
They themselves may become victims, a life shortened, but they will not quit.
This is now hollowed ground, there will always be a presence here.
The smoke still rises from fires that burn deep below, where ten souls of the
highjackers burn, but can not die, for they have chosen there fate.
It's been said, that from the opposite shore in the hours just after dawns first light, before the rays reach the ground, the towers appear. Filling the void now present, lights blazing in all the windows, and the top floors lit by the suns first rays, forming a halo of white light. Minutes later it
slowly disappears to it's present form of emptiness. The sound of air rushing
in to fill the void.
We will never forget where we were when we heard the news. We will never
forget the tears and the anger. We will never forget the the heros from New York to the Pentagon, to a field in Pennsylvania. We will never forget the
American people in there finest hour. We will never forget. OK America,
Lets Roll.


09-10-09, 07:57 PM
America in it's finest hour,,,,,,,,,,And I saw car flags in the gutter for the next 6 months. They don't live it,,,, We do. 3,000 dead,,,,OK,,,,,,, how many dead on Iwo? How many dead in 'Nam?

America forgot,,,,,, We Don't. God Bless the USMC,,,,