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09-10-09, 04:58 PM
I re-enlisted today, and am lat moving, I received my orders to report October 15th to my new unit. My question is this, i'm an 0351 and my MOS/cutting score is closed out but that doesn't matter because i'm lat moving into a lat move only MOS that has a very low cutting score where I will pick up immediately, however I will not hold that MOS until after I graduate school but on my RELM contract it has my IMOS which is my intended MOS listed as what I intend on lat moving to. Will I rate that new intended MOS cutting score as of today which is when I re-enlisted?

Not a single SNCO in my company, not my 1stSgt, not my career planner, and not even my future unit that i'll be going to on 15 October know the answer to this question.

Thank you

09-10-09, 05:38 PM
Accord, you might want to PM jackson07. If I recall correctly, he picked up cpl as an 0431 before he graduated from embark school.

SSgt Ramsey
09-11-09, 06:03 AM
They may have changed the policy, but I have never seen it happen due to a Latmove...you are correct, in the system it is listed as your IMOS but you still carry your PMOS for promotion purposes until graduation and the IMOS becomes your PMOS and your original PMOS becomes a AMOS.

Your Career Planner SHOULD have known this, or at the least, called up to the Regimental Car Plan to find the answer out for you...that's wrong....

09-11-09, 10:51 AM
Stein is also correct. You will be promoted the month you have a score higher than what is required for your new mos. If that is this next month, then yes. As long as it is in the system as your new MOS is 04XX or 02xx or what have you. Though if you fail the school or for any reason fail to obtain that MOS you can be reduced in rank.

09-11-09, 11:19 AM
I've seen the same thing as Achped. A friend of mine was a Cpl and lat moved to 0241. The following month she was promoted to Sgt, but the cutting score for 0151 was much higher than her score. That's what I've seen.

EDIT: She was accepted into the MOS, but hadn't gone to school yet.