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SSgt Ramsey
09-04-09, 05:39 AM
Admin folks or others "in the know"...please help.

I thought I heard or read that the maximum # of DD 215's you could have to correct a DD 214 was 2, after that, you were issued a completely new DD 214 with all the correct information (well, in theory anyway lol!!).

I've already gotten back one DD 215 adding a additional Humanitarian Service Medal to the list, but I have more stuff to correct on it...and still waiting on a response to some other things out there.

So, if this is true, would I just need to send copies (not my originals) of my DD 214 and both DD 215's (when I get it in) to HQMC to be issued a new 214??


09-04-09, 05:54 AM
I've already gotten back one DD 215 adding a additional Humanitarian Service Medal to the list

While your waiting on a response from a good source, I was curious about something.

The Humanitarian Service Medal. I'm taking that it was left out for one reason or another of your current DD 214 that your trying to get corrected.

So, how do they go about correcting it?

I mean do they get information from you, previous unit records?

Just curious how it works and where the records would be to verify something like this.

I have a similar situation from while I was on the Rock back in 78 but have no idea where anything is.

Semper Fi,


SSgt Ramsey
09-04-09, 05:59 AM
Well, the HSM is a unique award in some ways...there is a database hosted and owned by HQMC called the CAR/HSM Database that only they have access to to update etc. I don't know why the HSM has a part in that database...

In their system, I had 2 HSM's showing, one for Albania, and also one for a hurricane in NC in 1996. On my original DD-214, only 1 HSM was reflected (Albania). I never knew the database existed until I was out of the Corps...

If you have source docs for most awards and send them in, they will research and ammend your records to reflect the new information for you, and it didnt' take that long really...

SSgt Ramsey
09-04-09, 06:34 AM
Here's kinda what it looks like after you put in your info (I took out my name and last 4 of SSN of course):

MOL also has a personal awards section, but that pulls directly from MCTFS.

RankBranchAwardAction DatesOperationUnitLocationSGTMHSM09/15/1999 - HURRICANE FLOYDMWSS 274- CPLUSMCHSM03/13/1997 - 03/24/1997SILVER WAKE- ALBANIA
1 - 2

09-04-09, 06:47 AM
I'm not sure where to even start though and can not say for sure if it was ever awarded.

At the end of my stint on the Rock, the Aide De Camp of the Assistant CG, 3rdMARDIV (BGen Rice) said he submitted for the HSM for myself and one other Marine involved. (Saved civilians in a flood during monsoon right outside Camp Courtney)

I mean, a week before we shipped back to the states.

I went directly to MSG School and I forget where the other guy went. I never heard about the HSM I was told I would get again, and never really pursued it.

SSgt Ramsey
09-04-09, 06:53 AM
If it was awarded, it should be in the database...if not, you can probably contact the 3rd MarDiv G-1 to have them pull the award histories possibly...I don't know how long they are required to be maintained...but it should be in some sort of unit history I would think.

It may have been reflected in a FitRep also...I dunno...check your MBS/OMPF for copies of the award.

I had to pull chocks so quicly after I got my response from the Med Board, that I really didn't have a lot of time to correct my information before leaving with turning over the Regiment to another CRS, plus my own stuff, moving and packing...it was a nightmare.

11-14-10, 07:40 PM
I had 3 DD215s from the Army, and I then got a new DD214, but that DD214 had a clerical error(they spelled Terrorism, "TERRORSM").

I requested a new DD214 and got a DD215 instead.