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09-02-09, 11:42 PM
Hi I am just wondering if anyone know about what the requirments are for getting PRK eye surgery before entering the service, assuming everything goes right and i get 20/20 will i be accepted or will i have to get a waiver, if anyone knows or knows were the info on this is please help!

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09-02-09, 11:44 PM
do a search, we just had a thread the other day with all the info you need.

it's amazing how satisfying it is when you do your own leg work.

I haven't checked but I can assume you haven't filled out your profile yet. You should do that, then you should read the rules in the poolee hall and wannabe section. Great stuff there, it'll teach you the rules of the site before you get harassed.

09-02-09, 11:54 PM
ok i will, sorry sir

Lisa 23
09-03-09, 03:48 PM
Like SSgt Petzold told you, read the rules!
Rule Six never use the words Semper Fi, Semper Fidelis or OORAH you do not rate that here until you have earned the title of United States Marine!

And for future reference, if you have any more questions for Marines, you can put it in the Ask A Marine forum.

Rocky C
09-03-09, 05:24 PM
Wannabes & Poolees - show RESPECT to the Marines who answer your questions by saying "Thanks Marines", NOT 'Thanks guys'.

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10-22-09, 02:19 AM
I posted another thread about this in ask a Marine also, just trying to get as much information as possible. The recruiter i have been talking with says that bills are froze during boot camp. As in while in boot camp i dont have to pay them. Now i have looked around on the internet and tried to find a answer but i have seen both answers. Yes you do have to pay bills during boot camp and also you dont. How did it work for you Marines during boot camp? Thanks Marines

02-07-10, 10:35 AM
Hello marines I am an 18 year old from dublin Ireland my father is from the USA,from his citizenship I will be attempting to join if I have the requirments to join.
I have never considered joining any other armed force and would be very thankfull if you had any advise
Thank you Marines.