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08-31-09, 05:32 PM
Warning - video is graphic

I finally got some old video footage converted to digital so I can now post some of my old "attention getter's" from DM/CQB school.

I met Steve Rodriguez when I was part of a DM Mobile Training Team, he's a Marine Sniper from Vietnam, at the time I met him he worked for the Albuquerque N.M. SWAT. I used this video as an attention getter when I taught a Shot Placement class for DM school. I attached a link to a CBS news story about 'Snipers' that came out a few years ago, where they mention Steve and a few of his kills. Ironically, the lady in the video that is sprayed with brains sued the ANM Police Department -- and I believe she won for undue pain and suffering, or something like that.... What a great country we live in.


Thirteen-year veteran Steve Rodriguez was in place in Albuquerque, N.M., as police responded to an armed bank robbery in progress. Looking through the scope, Rodriguez could see someone with dark hair, sunglasses, in a suit, and holding a woman by the arm, he recalls.

Rodriguez's target was smaller than a softball. But Rodriguez managed to center the man in his sights and squeeze the rifle trigger.

He fired two times and missed. Rodriguez had failed to adjust his rifle scope, sending his bullets slamming into a concrete wall.

Rodriguez says he fired the third shot and hit the target at the top of his head, exactly where he had been aiming.


08-31-09, 06:12 PM
Kentucky windage.

08-31-09, 06:12 PM
:evilgrin: The non correct Scope setting @ Squeezing 2 Rnds off that went astray was a Big no-no could have very easlily killed the Hostage :scared: :iwo:

Zulu 36
08-31-09, 06:23 PM
Gunny Hathcock always said that being a police sniper is harder than being a military sniper despite police sniping being at closer ranges. He said in police work, you usually only get one shot and an innocent life is in the balance.

08-31-09, 06:34 PM
:evilgrin: The non correct Scope setting @ Squeezing 2 Rnds off that went astray was a Big no-no could have very easlily killed the Hostage :scared: :iwo:

I hear what you're saying, Jack, but he didn't send them astray.

He set up on a roof across the street from the bank where the hostage was being held. The roof had a facade or two foot high wall that was above the actual rooftop. Steve raised his bi-pod legs, but apparently, not high enough. His first two shots went into the wall, which was about three feet in front of him. After the second shot (in the video you'll notice the bad guy says, "get away", after hearing the second shot, but he stays outside like an idiot) after he "missed" the second shot, he realized that his line of sight and the bore line where not clear, the scope cleared the facade -- but the bore didn't. He raised the bi-pod legs, and then took the third and final shot. This all happened in a span of 30 seconds.

08-31-09, 06:45 PM
:evilgrin: That makes Me feel alot better,bagging the Bad Guy was a great shot.Those SWAT Snipers must be under great Pressure If You ever See the Officer buy the Man a drink on Me.Semper~Fidelis :evilgrin: :thumbup:

08-31-09, 06:58 PM
From that CBS news article talking about another call-out he had....

Steve Rodriguez's career alone included five instances of shooting his weapon, involving the killing of four people. On one cold December night, he was told a baby's life was in danger; her father was threatening to toss her over the side of a bridge spanning the Rio Grand.

"And so we busted two roadblocks, diversions, to get people off the freeway," Rodriguez says. "I started running."

"I had about 65 pounds of personal gear on my body, with body armor, ammunition, things like that," he recalls. "Then I had about another 20, 25 pounds of rifle and bag."

Rodriguez ran half a mile through stalled traffic and took up position behind a parked police cruiser. He had no way to communicate with other officers. He just went on instinct.

By the time he arrived on the bridge, he thought things were falling apart. Negotiations appeared to have failed. One officer was walking away. He pulled out his sniper rifle and looked through the scope and thought, "It's up to me; it's now or never."

"While the man was holding the baby over the edge of the precipice, there's nothing we can do," he explains. "Once he brings it back to our side of the bridge, if I can get a central nervous system hit, and he falls straight down,...then the baby will not fall over the edge."

He didn't see the man holding a weapon - just the baby over the edge, he says. Nor had anyone told him that the man had a weapon.

"It was about 90 seconds from the time I saw him till the time I fired the shot," Rodriguez says.

It was a direct hit. The man died instantly. The baby survived.

The baby didn't get a scratch. Steve is the man, he knew Gunny Hathcock in Vietnam, I remember asking him.

Caesar Augustus
09-01-09, 08:54 PM
Damn nice kills

09-02-09, 05:27 AM
No good deed goes unpunished...Stupid Lady for suing the very people who possibly saved her life. Did you see that dudes face baloon out.

09-02-09, 08:33 PM
Outstanding shot!

Zulu 36
09-02-09, 10:25 PM
No good deed goes unpunished...Stupid Lady for suing the very people who possibly saved her life. Did you see that dudes face baloon out.

Happens all of the time thanks to trial lawyers looking for a buck. They probably got most of it, not her.

A friend of mine shot a bank robber who was trying to use a wino as a human shield. My friend was a beat man and accidentally walked into the robbery in progress. Ken took a good barricade position at the front door and popped a .357 mag into the bad guy's melon.

The wino was waving his hands around begging for help and the bullet took the tip of one of his fingers off on the way past. The City of Detroit paid the wino $5,000 to settle. The wino was found dead in an alley two weeks after he got the money. Alcohol poisoning was the cause and he had no money on him either. Draw your own conclusions.

09-17-14, 02:30 PM
Interesting, but the Steve Rodriquez I know and remember was not a sniper in the USMC or in Vietnam. He was my room mate at 2/7 in 1977 and we were both Corporals at the time. We were in the 81s platoon, I went to be an instructor at ITS and he transferred soon after. It is possible he received sniper training after that and that he met Gunny Hathcock. Steve if you read this feel free to contact me, I remember that you me and Cpl Richardson were all from Albuquerque.

09-17-14, 06:35 PM
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