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Floyds Jester
08-23-09, 01:19 PM
Hello everyone! My husband is having a CIF gear inspection soon, and he says there is a way to find out one's personal CIF gear list online. I asked him how to go about it and where to find such a website, and all he said was google it. I'm sure y'all know how THAT worked out...

Anyway if anyone has any ideas or knows what Hubbie is talking about, please let me know!


08-23-09, 01:30 PM

then click on individual equipment issue

enter first name, last name and last 4.

voila, list of all cif gear will appear.

Floyds Jester
08-23-09, 01:30 PM
Oh terrific! Thank you so much!

08-23-09, 01:42 PM
If it is a JOB inspection he will need the following:
1. envelope with stamp self addressed
2. Entrenching tool OD green with blood letting groove
3. 12 cases of MRE's properly gone through and inspected by a platoon of infantry.
4. Necktie ... not the mafia kind
5. keys for a hummvee
6. 3 miles of shore line special issue from the secret squirrel supply depot
7. Batteries for a secret weather control unit nomenclature BA-1100-N
8. Rank insignia for meritorious promotions ... should have every one from private to general. A couple extra private insignia just in case.
9. 5 gallons of rotar wash
10. Small bag of washing machine tokens
11. ID-10-T card
12. one specially prepared claymore mine painted blue and filled with yummy candy to give a suprise to the kids.
13. A dozen passes to for flights on Air Force 1 to hand out to all your friends.
14. Instructions on how to milk a camel.

I'm running out of stuff to put on the list but this should be a good start.